New Serenity Bar Set for 69L$ Hump Day at ~*Crossroad Dreams*~

The Serenity Bar set is a Steampunk-inspired bar designed specifically for role play. The set uses no sculpts and carefully applied textures to keep it as low lag and low prim as possible without skimping on richness and attention to detail. And for today only it is available for L$69!

The bar stools are each only one prim with animations thoughtfully chosen for role play with four animations in the ones around the table (one facing the table and one facing away for each male and female) and five at the bar (an additional stand leaning back against the bar pose).

The table is also a single prim. The bar is four prims and is set to 10 meters long but very easily modified to fit smaller spaces. The table and chairs are linked as are the bar and stools for easy set up but can be unlinked without worrying about loosing track of prims. The entire set is copy/mod/no transfer, making it perfect for even larger role play spaces and events where more than one table or length of bar would be useful.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!
Lexa Rivera
~*Crossroad Dreams*~


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