New Artemus Sofa

It’s here! Finally the Artemus steampunk furniture set is being released! The first piece, the Artemus lamp, was the hunt prize for the STEAM hunt and I had hoped to release the rest of the set during the hunt but SL has been most uncooperative. Finally the next piece, the Artemus sofa, has been set out as today’s Hump Day item.

The sofa is available in five colors for a variety of options. This one is not texture change scripted as steampunk areas tend to be so heavily scripted to begin with and I wished to save a bit on the lag factor. Consequently the price will be somewhat less than most in the shop but why wait when you can get it for such a great price today? The sofa is 18 prims and mod/copy but I’ve put it in a vendor for gifting.

I’m using a new script system for my individual seating poses that allows me to put multiple poses in one prim so no more hunting for all the fun poses! The scripts also allow each avatar to adjust the position of the poses and will remember that position the next time they sit. The sofa has a total of 12 individual poses, four in each of three cushions, and five couple poses in a menu-driven system.

I will be releasing an amazing animated coffee table and matching end table for Hump Day next week and a very special matching armchair the following week so keep your eyes open to collect the set at these great prices!

Lexa Rivera
~*Crossroad Dreams*~


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